Some Suggestions of Books to Read Online

Some suggestions of books to read online may be useful. The suggestions can be good alternative to spend the free time. Instead of doing useless things, reading books can be much better since this the good entertainment and it can also give such knowledge. In this case, novel is the good category to read online since this category has some interesting books and it is entertainment. When it is about study, of course non-fiction books will be the good category. Since it is about refreshing and entertainment, novels can give the selection and there are several references of online book to read.


The first suggestion of books to read online is The Lightkeepers. This is a book written by Abby Geni. This book tells about a story in Farallon Islands. This is a dangerous island with wild life and some scientists. The story is about the death of Miranda as one of the scientists and its mistery behind it. This is a good book for readers who love mystery. The other novel about mystery is The Girl on the Train. This book is famous and gets some awards as best-seller books. Even, there has been a movie with the same title. Of course, it is better to read the story from this novel than watching the movie. This novel can offer good mystery to follow and the author, Paula Hawkins, really knows well how to entertain the mystery lover.


Then, the next suggestion of books to read online is The Buried Giant. This novel has a nice theme of story. This talks about knights and courageous people and their adventure. This can be suitable for people who love to follow the story Game of Thrones. Of course, this has shorter story and this is suitable to read via online. For alternative, if you want to have other books to read, you can start to have some motivational books. This book may not have interesting stories as what novels can offer. However, this can give motivation and boost the mood to get better working quality. Of course, there are still other references and good books to read via online to kill the time.

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